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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dollar $tore $anta

We have a tradition, Trenton and I.  Every year, I take him to the dollar store and let him pick out gifts for my family, which is who we spend Christmas Day with.  I let him pick anything he wants for them.  Anything.  There have been some hilariously interesting years.  My dad got a weird indian vase/bong thing once.  I think someone got motor oil one year,  My favorite was my brother getting a big bag of bird seed.  My brother doesn't have a bird, lol. 

We just got back from our dollar store trip 2009.  It's so funny to hear him reason his gifts.  I think I like my brother's is my favorite again.  Or maybe Scott's.  Or maybe Papaw's.  ::Chuckle::

We went to a local "family owned" dollar store that I'd never been to before and probably won't go back to, but the experience was interesting.  The old Italian guy kept offering me weird free crap and trying to give me "deals".  And there was so.much.stuff crammed into such a small space.  Shoes, hot glue guns, hats, window cleaner, stickers, skateboards, Christmas decorations, bedspreads, etc.  ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I couldn't roll my stroller down the aisle.  Literally.  We got stuck and he had to come move and entire aisle over so we could get out.  Then bedspreads fell on our heads, lol. 

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree.  Thankfully.  Our poor giftless tree was starting to look sad.  :)  When Santa brings all the gifts and you're too broke to buy for anyone else, it makes the barren space look so lonely!  Problem solved... until Carter gets under there and opens the gifts. 


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