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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lady Luck!

You people should listen to me!  In my last blog, I told you about 2 contests/giveaways on 2 different blogs I follow.  One, the Pampered Prego Contest, hasn't been decided yet, but the winner for "The Branches" blog Starbucks giveaway was drawn.  And I won!! 


(I borrowed this picture off her blog because it's cool!  That's ME!)

:)  Doesn't seem fair really.  I get to read her blog, be entertained and uplifted, AND get a Starbucks giftcard for doing nothing.  But I'm unemployed, so I will accept it and enjoy every last drop of Starbucky goodness. 
Next time I tell you about a contest or giveaway, you should listen.  I've got the luck of the Irish on me.  :)

Scott thinks I'm his bad luck charm.  Mainly because he doesn't do well in regards to poker when I'm around.  But it just because a person only has so much luck in their lifetime and snagging me exhausted his.  ::Chuckle::


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