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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sad News!

I feel guilty for being irritated that I had to wake up after only getting 4 hours of sleep this morning.  At least I woke up.  I didn't die in the shower, so I should be thankful. 

I'm bummed that Brittany Murphy died this morning.  I love her.  I think she was quirky and fun.  So pretty, even before she was rail thin.  Not in the headlines for drunk driving or acting like an idiot.  No ridiculous sex tapes or anything of that nature.  It's shocking when "normal" young celebrities die.  Like Heath Ledger.  You wouldn't be surprised to hear that Paris Hilton was found naked in an alley with blood and coke on her nose or that Brittney Spears jumped off a building in a crazed act of lunacy.  Not shocking.  And wouldn't get my attention other than to momentarily think... that took longer than I expected.  But as far as I know, though I'll admit I haven't really been keeping up with her lifestyle, she wasn't like that. 

32 and dies of cardiac arrest in the shower?  Terrible.  RIP Brittany!





Alyssa said...

I know, isn't that so sad!!! I heard it and I was so sad, she was such a great actress and was so funny! :-( And I can pretty much guarantee that someone will drag her name through the mud.

KRiSTiN said...

I completely agree, Alyssa! People love drama. The media is a parasitic evil. :(

Sarah said...

she makes me cry in Uptown Girls every time. And little Black Book!! So cute. I love you Brittany and will miss you. (ok, so I don't LOVE her...but she made me smile and that is what makes her a good actress)

KRiSTiN said...

I loved her laugh! I think my favorite movie of hers was Don't Say a Word.

Maybe we should watch that when you come over next week, S.

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