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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Christmas

Yes, I am just now doing my Christmas post.  As long as it's still December, it's okay.  :) 

Christmas Eve, we set out cookies and milk for Santa.  Trenton had the genius idea to leave a straw "just in case".  :)  We also sprinkled Reindeer Food for the reindeer on our porch.

When we woke up Christmas morning, Santa had indeed visited.  And I didn't take pictures.  None.  I KNOW! ME! The camera person who takes her camera everywhere, didn't take Christmas pictures while the boys discovered their gifts.  In my defense, I was really tired.  Roof top noises and such keeping me awake.  We did have the video camera set up, so at least I got video.  :)  I finally remembered and asked Scott to get some pictures while I made breakfast, but by this time, all the toys were scattered all over the place and Santa's neat piles were LONG gone.  :) 

Trenton even discovered amongst the gifts a note from Santa!!  I copied it so you could see, too.  :)


Thank you for the cookies! They were delicious. And it was very thoughtful of you to put a straw for me to drink out of. Sometimes, I get milk in my beard if I don’t use a straw. My reindeer were very hungry when we got to your house. They were very excited to see you had left them a treat, too! They didn’t want to leave your porch!

As you know, Trenton, I’m watching you all year long to make sure you belong on the Nice List. I want you to really try over the next year, to work on listening at school and at home. You are a good boy, so I know you know what’s right and wrong. I know you’ll do you’re best so that next year, you stay on the Nice List. Listening and doing what you are told at home AND at school is VERY important.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Trenton. I’ll see you next year!!!
Ho Ho Ho!

Mr. C
Neat, huh?!  Anyway, the boys got TONS of gifts.  I can't even remember them all, but what I do remember is

Electronic Drum Set
Bakugan 7 in 1 Dragonoid (his special Santa request)
A ninja suit (another Santa special request)
2 Sonic Playstation games
Hungry Hungry Hippos, Barrel of Monkeys & A big Ring Toss games
Ben 10 Upchuck
Ben 10 Alien Creator with Alien X
Ben 10, and Stars pj's
Several Bakugan
2 movies ~ Monsters vs. Aliens and Aliens in the Attic (Trenton loves Aliens, lol)
Several Color Explosion drawing kits
A huge pack of 24 different playdoh colors
Phineas and Ferb tee shirts
And a million other little things that I can't think of right now. 

Santa brought him LOTS of stuff.  Thankfully, the older he gets, the smaller the toys he likes are.  So they tuck away easily.  :)

Carter's toys, on the otherhand, are all big and bulky.

Carter got:

2 Yo Gabba Gabba friends, Plex and Broby
Some squishy, skeaky soft blocks
A Turtle themed instrument set with a light up drum, tamborine, maraca, kazoo, and finger clinky thing (can't remember what they're called.  The things belly dancers sometimes have?)
A garanimal ball shape sorter
A noise making airplane, pull toy with music and balls and all kinds of fancy functions
An old school telephone pull toy
Tucker the big soft truck and 5 of his tiny playschool car friends
And some other things I've forgotten, I'm sure.

Christmas afternoon, we went to my parents and did gifts again.  The boys got even MORE awesome stuff, like a Nintendo DS, several games, and a Funky for Trenton & spinning ball shooter, a learn and play puppy, and Jungle themed Little People set for Carter. 

It was a nice, relaxing day.  Family, Food, and snow made for a perfect Christmas.  Trenton's dad picked him up at about 10pm Christmas night.  But up until that point, it was a perfect day.  :)

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Alyssa said...

Oh my Gosh, Kylan LOVED that little Helicopter!! He drug that thing around forever :-)

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