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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday Treat!

Hurray for today! My good friend, Sarah, that I don't see nearly enough, came over to play! She's off work all week, so she came to visit Carter and I. Carter, of course, acted like she was there to attack him in some manner, so he kept his eyes on her... and his hands on me. Although, he did warm up and even smiled a few times. He even shared a book with her.  Okay, he threw it at her, but still.  He tried.  ::Chuckle::  But since she didn't devote ALL her attention to him ALL the time, he was wary the entire time she was here. We giggled because due to his serious furrowed brow, Sarah tried to talk about stocks and bonds with him. Portfolios and such, lol. He just stared at her with his grumpy face, LOL. We ordered chinese food (as we always do), we drank mimosas, and we watched a "scary" movie. Pretty much the usual. :)

While she was here, it started to snow. Big chunky fun snow. So when Scott came home, I convinced him to build a fire and we decided that she should leave around 6 to beat traffic and any icky weather that may settle in. But it just started snowing harder and in an effort to keep Sarah alive, it was decided that she should go ahead and go home. Booo. But it was fun to have her here. The time always flies even though we don't really do anything but chit chat. Today was great. We just sat around in our sweats and talked about things/people/life. I love girlie time with her. She makes me laugh. :)

After she left, I called my ex sister-in-law's house in California to talk to Trenton. He's having a GREAT time. He told me all about the beach and the waves. He was playing with his only male cousin at the time, so he rushed through his conversation with me. I had to take a deep breath and remind myself that he's only 6 and he's easily excitable. It still hurt my feelings a tiny bit that he wasn't missing me terribly, but I am genuinely glad he's having fun. :) He's a good kid who knows there is tons of things in the world to do and see and he's eager to do just that.

While I was on the phone, Scott set up the playstation (remember, we just moved rooms around) and then we watched Yo Gabba Gabba with Carter. He loves that show. It's so weird. He likes puppets type characters. Play with me Sesame is a good one, too. I maintain, and always will, that one of them looks like a bedroom "toy". I'll let you guess which one I'm talking about...

After that, it was bed time for Mr. C.

Scott and I then sat by the fire and played Madden football until about 15 minutes ago. That's a lie, we also played some ridiculous racing game and NHL Hitz before we called it quits.

The fire's out. The house is quiet.  I have a snowball saved in the freezer for Trenton when he gets home, since he missed the snow. 

Today was a good day.  Today, you rock! 


1 comment:

Sarah said...

I had so much fun Myself!! Time really does fly when we hang out. I just love it. Sigh....till next time.

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