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Friday, January 01, 2010

First Post of 2010

Of course, it should be about the last night of 2009.  :)  We didn't want to do anything crazy for New Years.  No going out and partying like years past.  I'm just too old for that.  So when my girlfriend suggested a small dinner party at her house that we could bring the kids to, I was thrilled! 

Amy's one of my closest friends so I was really excited about spending the New Year with her.  She made a FABULOUS dinner.  So much delicious food, including a pork tenderloin that was so juicy and tender... yum.  And she made enough pasta to feed the homeless.  ALL of the homeless.... in the entire nation, lol.  It was alot of pasta.  Amy is the ultimate hostess.  Dinner was great!

Then we played Win, Lost or Draw.  By this time, Carter had gone to bed in the back room and wine was flowing.  Specifically, it was flowing into my glass and then directly into my bloodstream at an alarming rate, lol.  We kinda played Dirty Minds, but didn't follow any of the rules.  We basically just read the hints out loud to whomever wanted to take a guess at the answer.  Hints were things like, "What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long, has a head on it, and that women love so much that they often blow it?"

The answer of course being.....

a twenty dollar bill.

We rang in the New Year at midnight, of course.  We blew our blowers, we toasted and drank champagne, we cheered, we kissed our signifigant others.  We chit chatted a bit after that, but by that time, I was exhausted... and had drank my share of several bottles of wine, lol.  We came home, since Scott hadn't had much, if anything, to drink.  On the way home, I remembered how much Trenton was excited to "cheers" his glass at midnight last year and I got alittle overwhelmed with missing him.  But it was a good night.

Scott and I (I'd had some wine, lol)

Kristi, Amy & I

Our fabulous hosts, Keith & Amy

Mike and Taylor


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