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Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome Back!

Trenton came home around 8pm last night. He'd been in California with his dad since Christmas night. Trenton's aunt lives near San Diego, so he got to visit her and her 4 kids. He loves playing with his cousins, so he was really excited. He also got to see the beach for the first time, which he loved.

I stole this off my ex's facebook page.  It's okay, he steals my pics, too, lol.

He told me all about his trip and how much fun he had.  Of course, that was all centered around playing on the beach and in the yard on his cousin's jungle gym.  Oh, and playing his DS in the car since they drove to San Diego. 

I was just glad to have him home.  I get anxious.  Especially, when he's gone and Scott comes home from work to tell me that there's been and earthquake 50 miles outside of the city he's currently in.

But he's home now and that's what matters.  He got home told me about the beach... then proceeded to ignore us to play on his Nintendo DS, lol.  But that's okay by me.   

Oh, and he has another loose tooth.  I think it's funny that while Carter's teeth are just coming in, Trenton's are falling out.  Happy Monday to all my friends who went back to work after the long weekend.  Don't worry, the next holiday is right around the corner.  What is it... Memorial Day in May?  :)



Sarah said...

Um....the next Holiday is my Birthday!!! All the card/flower/candy companies celebrate and rejoyce in my birth. They created the day of Love! So, don't forget to send me a big present for my 30th on the 14th of Feb. Buddy.

Carol said...

Ummm, sorry, Sarah and Kristin. The next official holiday is MLK Day on Jan. 18th.

KRiSTiN said...

Whatever, mom. Most people don't get off work for that. Doesn't count. Just like president's day. Just random excuses for the post office to close.

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