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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby Day!!

Block of wood.  Nazi strict "can and can't" rules.  No heavier than 5.0 ounces.  Disqualification.  Dads and kids alike biting their nails waiting for runtime. 

That's right!  It's Boy Scout Pinewood Derby Car Race Day!!

Trenton's green and black "Ben 10" Derby car won second Place!!  Double elimination.  He lost his first race.  but that's because he raced the fastest car that has ever been entered in the Derby, lol.  That car was FAST!!  It obviously beat every other car there.  By a landslide!  Good job James and James' dad. 

But Trenton didn't lose again.  He won until he was up against James' car again racing for First Place.  He lost, lol.  But that got him second.  Hurray Ben 10. 

Trenton and his car, named "Ben 10"

Trenton and his Cub Scout Buddies

The Bracket

Trenton and some of his competition

Trenton's Bracket Spot.  4th from the top.

Trenton's First Race

Trenton's car getting a great start on the left!

One of Trenton's winning finishes!

Go Trenton Go!!

Trenton's car sitting proudly in 2nd place on the bracket!

After being announced as 2nd Place, he wanted everyone to know who he was, lol.

After winning 2nd, he was qualified to race in the Big Race against all the other dens!!  I don't know where he finished.  His first race, he lost to another SUPER fast car.  That car took second.  After it was all said and done, Trenton's first race in each class, was against the cars that won 1st and 2nd in the entire troop.  Didn't really seem fair, but that's life.  He did awesome and was super proud.  That's what matters!



Kim H. said...

That's awesome!! I had to ask my husband what a Pinewood Derby was when I saw it come across Facebook - but he filled me in. Glad that it was a good experience for all!

Anonymous said...

It must have been so exciting for you and for your Super Star ! Congratulations Trenton! margie

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