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Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Appetizer Post

This'll be quick.  Just a filler until I can post a longer, more detailed account of the weekend.

My Mother in Law is in town from Kansas.  She met Carter for the first time when she arrived Thursday night.  :)  I have a few pictures of her and the boys showing off for her.  I'll post more when her visit is over.  She's leaving Tuesday afternoon.  We had an "In Law Dinner" Friday night and my parents came over and I cooked for everyone.  My mom brought dessert.  It was casual, informal and I had a good time!

Grammy's so silly!

Little Drummer Boy

I know.  It's unfair how adorable he is.

Dinner time!  Mexican chicken & Rice.

Nana and Carter

Carter REALLY enjoyed dinner.  ::Sigh::  Yes, that's black beans and rice all over his face.  And he was seriously upset when he ate an ADULT portion and we wouldn't give him anymore, lol.

Now, my mother in law.... she's seriously the best you guys.  No lie.  She just wants to hang out and be with her family.  She's so low maintence and easy that it's like she's always been here.  She's pretty much just played with the kids, chatted and read her book since she got here.  She's not the witch of a MIL you always hear about (who tells you how inferior you are and makes snide and pointedly bitchy comments) that some people may or may no have had during their first marriages.  ::Cough, Cough::

She doesn't get in the way or force her opinion on me regarding my parenting, abilities as a wife or homemaker, and she's SO polite.  She's genuinely everything you could possibly hope for when you marry into a family.  She ate my WAY over salted lasagna and told me how delicious it was.  She sat quietly and silently at breakfast when Trenton was throwing a major fit and getting in trouble, even though she MUST have been uncomfortable.  She makes conversation that's easy and enjoyable, but we can sit in comfortable silence, too. 

I'm really, really lucky.  That's all I'm saying.  :)


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