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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means you're in the wrong house, that's what it means."

Tonight, fellow wives/girlfriends/women.... I nagged.  To a blank staring man who just wanted me to go away.   

Apparently, I'm a WIFE!  Who knew.  ::Shrugs::

Scott's mom is leaving tomorrow.  I've spent ample time with her, being here during the day.  And several times she's expressed that she didn't want to DO anything but just be with the family.  But Scott works.  And he goes to bed early. 

So, this being her last night here, I was pretty disappointed that he was going to bed at 9pm.  I've stayed up with her until at least 11 almost every night.  Watching TV or chatting.  I just felt like he was missing it and he didn't even realize it.  We flew her out here to be with her.  We NEVER get to see her.  The is literally the second time I've met her.  I met her, for the first time, when Scott and I got married.  So I guess I just thought that he'd want to physically be with her more than he was.

He's tired.  I get it.  I really do.  But I can't imagine being so far from the people I love and not soaking up every single second that I was blessed to get.  I tried explaining that.  That he should enjoy his time with her.  He's just different than I am.  Which is the reason I get my feelings hurt by him pretty frequently.  So anyway, the helpful discussion (because I truly was just trying to be helpful) turned into an argument.  Apparently, I was telling him there was a problem and not offering suggestions... because I couldn't tell him HOW to spend time with his mom.  I couldn't find anything within arms reach to kill myself out of frustration with, so I just decided that it wasn't my problem.  I spent time with her.  I enjoyed her.  I'd have no regrets once she goes back home.  And I went upstairs to take a bath. 

Fast forward an hour and I get out of the bath and Scott's NOT in bed. 

I came downstairs and couldn't find either of them.  Hmmm... I notice some weird light out the kitchen window and see them outside, sitting by the fire talking.  Which was nice.  He was probably telling her what a nagging bitch I am, but whatever.  I don't care.  Scott's not a bad guy.  I don't think he realizes... you know... how he is.  I think he wants to spend time with her.  He's just a man.  So it's not his fault he's dumb.  :) 

The mother in me needed him to spend quality time with her.  Selfishly needed it.  Because Carter IS Scott.  Carter is somehow the reincarnate of his still living father.  And I need to sit outside on the porch with my baby boy when he's 35 and talk about his nagging bitch of a wife.  :)

I nagged.  And I feel slightly bad about it.  But it worked.  And I certainly feel better.  Which is what matters.  ::Snicker::

Grammy with the Boys


1 comment:

The Sanchez Family said...

LOL that was great seriously. I have so been in your shoes before. They act like they are completely clueless then before you know it they are doing exactly what you asked of them. They just needed a little time to process it before they see how smart and wise we really are :)

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