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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walk like a Man, Talk like a Man...

Man, it took Carter forever to walk!  Technically, everyone (doctors, books, etc.) says that some kids don't walk until 16 or 17 months and that's normal, but still!  Trenton was walking right at 10 months.  So when Carter wasn't walking at 1 year, Scott got worried.  I was less worried.  Seemed easier on ME to have him crawling.  :)  But alas, he just picked it up one day and now he does it all the time.  Seriously, we went from him not even wanting to try to him wanting to walk everywhere.  This transistion happened in about 2 days.  Like, during Grammy's visit he became a walking fool.  He's a big boy all the sudden.  All traces of my baby boy are gone!

It's just weird to be sitting on the couch and look up to see him walk into the room.  Like he's been doing it all along.

Crazy kid!

Trenton turned in his Science Fair Project today.  First Grade Science Fair Projects are pretty easy and we were pretty heavily encouraged to do it, though not required.  I think it came out well.  The rules are SO STRICT though.  You can't even use humans as subject matters for science experiments!!  Lol.  Seriously, there's a whole page dedicated to the things that can't be involved in the project including: blood, defication, body parts (human OR animal).  People have to be told this.  ::Sigh::

Trenton's was on the freezing point of water and what variables can be introduced to alter the temperature of water, in this case, salt. 

Good Luck, Trenton!

Experimenting like a Mad Scientist!

Working on the Project Journal

Display Board
He wanted to use foil because it was "shiny like frozen stuff".


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