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Monday, February 01, 2010

Because 25 pounds ago, I had a pretty decent butt.

My new diet/exercise routine starts today.  No one saw that bite of cake I had for breakfast, right?  ::Ahem::  It was truly only a bite, so I'm not suffering from any crippling remorse.  :)  I'm easing into this because trying to go full fledged into it in the past has been unsucessful. 

I eat my emotions.  And since I am admittedly not perfect, don't have a perfect marriage, am not the perfect mother, and am feeling slightly depressed and worthless at not being able to find the perfect job... I've had plenty of sadness to feed. 

It's about breaking my bad habits, I guess.  My delicious habits.  ::Sigh::  25 pounds is the goal.  So... it's back to Jillian, back to the "Cook Yourself Thin" website, back to a loose weight watchers tracking system, back to my eliptical and the balance ball.  I wish I had the extra cash to get a gym membership because Carter's old enough now that I don't feel bad leaving him with the daycare staff usually provided at nicer gyms.  And I think it would just be nice to pack up and get out of here occasionally during the day instead of suffocating within the walls of my own home like it sometimes feels like I am.   


I'm obviously still a little cranky from being sick. 



Leigh Gable said...

Oh gosh...what a grim reminder! I too am about to join the 'weightloss world'...and it is going to be tramatic after 9 months of pregnancy. Perhaps, I should have a few last indulgences before I get back on the bandwagon...argh!

Oh, and for the record...you don't need to lose 25lbs! I, on the other hand...LITERALLY do. You my dear look fantastic as you are...but I will not derail you from a goal (as long as it is more reasonable)

KRiSTiN said...

::Blushes:: Awww, thanks.

Lol. Leigh, you are without a doubt, the most adorable pregnant woman that has ever been. I bet you'll be getting catcalls and whistles as you leave the hospital after giving birth, lol. 25 pounds is a long term goal. That an ideal. That would put me back at my pre-college weight. We'll see. It'd be nice, though. :)

Fallon said...

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