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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Gift of Love... and Possible Death.

I am lucky enough to have 3 valentines. 3 different boys who love me. :)

Spotlight today is on Trenton. My oldest. My sweetest. It occurs to me now that I've loved him longer than I have the other 2 VIP men in my life and that will always be fact. That's his own unique way of being my special love.  :)  All three are special in their own way.  Trenton is my surprise savior (not to be confused with our Savior, of course).  He saved me from me.  God only know where I'd be without him.  I shudder to think.  He's been my valentine more times than Scott and Carter.  He and I have had the special privilege of having had time alone.  Just the 2 of us.  There's a bond there that can't be replicated.  He's my biggest fan and my eternal champion.  He'd argue with anyone who challenged anything I said, be it right or wrong.  He's mommy's little man.


I pick him up from school every day. I put Carter in the stroller, we walk up there, pick him up and the three of us walk home together since the school is in our neighborhood and is less than a block away.  Between our house and the school, there are lots of trees. Big pretty trees. There is one tree that's bigger than the rest. A giant old Pecan tree.

Just one of the extending branches of this gianormous pecan tree.

It showers the grass with a layer of fresh pecans every day.  Every day, Trenton picks the "most tasty looking" ones for me. A handful of pecans, hand picked just for me, every day. He takes a lot of pride in picking the best ones.

I never knew they had a husk thing on them while in the tree.  These are some seriously protected nuts.  Peel the hard husk, then crack the shell... seems like a lot of work!! 

Which is SO sweet and such a simple and genuine form of him showing me how much he loves me.

The kicker?

I'm pretty severely allergic to pecans. :)  Not even nuts.  Specifically pecans, lol.  Odd, I know.

He has no idea. And I have no intentions of telling him.

Because I still love them and keep each of them... I just can't eat them.  :)


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