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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Raccoon within...

I stayed up all night last night.  Not like, I went to bed at 3am stayed up.  Like, I was still up when the sun came up.  I finished the book I was reading at 6:51 this morning.  I just couldn't sleep.  Just... couldn't.  I tried.  I laid there in the dark until 2am.  That didn't work.  So I sat up.  Turned the light on.  And read.  All.Night.Long.

I was awake at 7:45 when Carter woke up.  I told Scott, "He's awake."  THEN went to sleep, lol.  I woke up at 9 because they were making some weird racket, then went back to bed.  Got up again at 11 or 12.  I napped while Scott watched a movie, then awoke from that nap to go take a more comfortable nap in bed. 

Being lazy all day was AWESOME... but now I'm all rested up.  Just in time for bedtime.  ::Sigh::

Anyway, believe it or not, I have never been to Half Priced Books.  Well, I hadn't before Saturday.  My husband suggested we go (SO out of the norm, for him to suggest shopping of any type) and I jumped at the chance.  I loaded up my books to sell.  THREE grocery bags STUFFED full of books, some of them hard backs.  We dropped of the bags for them to go through and did some shopping for new (to us) books.  Before I knew it, I had an arm full of books and they were calling me back to "make an offer".

3 bags, probably 35-40 books, I expected $20 or so.

$7.50.  They offered me $7.50 for all the books in those bags.  I took it, because I didn't want to bag them up and carry them out again.  But I won't be going back.  Ever.  Because I SPENT $30 there.  With the $7.50 deducted from the total, a 10% first seller discount and roughly 7 books, I spent $30.  Ummm, F--- that.  Amazon, Ebay, etc for my books.  And I'll sell them at the bi-annual garage sale.  I make more money that way. 

And, the place.. or the people.. smelled like dirty socks.  >:(  Highly disappointing.  But I DID get Carter some SUPER cute new shoes at Target that day and some adorable new clothes for both the boys.  Plus some yummy chick-fil-a for lunch so Whew!  Weekend Saver!! 


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