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Monday, February 15, 2010

Scar Face

I burned my face. Touched it with the metal on my hair dryer. There's more to it, but the more I say, the stupider it sounds.

Anyway, I popped the blister (yeah, I know, EW!) because moving my face (talking, laughing, smiling) was KILLING me. It got all gross and scaly like these things do, so I slathered some neosporin all over. Heals faster and scars less, right?


The neosporin softened the skin over and around the wound and it peeled of. Just PEELED RIGHT OFF. Like wet wallpaper. A huge chunk is missing off my FACE!! So nasty!!

There's a reason I'm grossing you out.

My point is, because of the snow Friday, PISD didn't have school. The Valentine party they had planned didn't happen. So they reschedule. For Tuesday. Tomorrow. The big deal? I'm a volunteer.

So I get to go hang out with a bunch of unfiltered 1st graders looking like a zombie movie extra. Trenton, who loves me, told me I look like a freak and people were going to laugh at me. What are the other kids going to say? Why do I feel like I'm in middle school again?!

I can't decide if it's better to let the icky hole in my face just be out in the open or to cover it, like I have been, with my NEON colored bandaids. These are the only bandaids we have. And I'm to mortified to walk into any store to buy more. Not that regular bandaids would be better. It takes multiple bandaids, too. So we're talking about a neon green "x" on my face. Or an oozy blood-red hole.




Stephanie said...

LMAO!!!!! Oh lord I'm so sorry thats awful but rather funny.

Charlya said...

Sorry that happened but I would definitely go with the neon band-aids, tell them it's the new fashion trend. Hope it feels better soon.

KRiSTiN said...

Steph, it definately funny... if it were someone else. :D Lol.

I'm leaning toward neon bandaids, as well. At least I can pretend I'm trying to be cool.. or funny... or weird, I don't know.

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