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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmen fall from heaven... unassembled.

I was so shocked when I woke up this morning.  Trenton looked out the window and tried to convince me to let him go outside to play in the snow.  I sadly told him no and that he's too sick.  You should have seen his face.  SO sad.  :(

I was continually surprised when I looked out the window at various times during the day.  It snowed ALL DAY.  It was gorgeous! 

I had a job interview today, so my Dad came over to watch the boys.  He had to bring Carter with him  because Mom was working and Carter's staying with them to keep him from catching one or both of Trenton's highly contagious diseases.  Anyway, after driving home from downtown Dallas in that awesome flurry madness, I had to take Carter out and see what he thought about it.  Snow like this just doesn't happen here. 

So when I got home and changed, Dad and I bundled Carter up and went outside where it was STILL snowing.  I just KNEW he was going to love it.  I could just picture him giggling and smiling when he touched it and felt it's squishy awesomeness.

Yeah, he hated it. 
He was ok if he was being held, but he felt very strongly about being put down into the snow. 

Popaw tried to show Carter how to catch a snowflake on his tongue.  Carter thought Popaw looked ridiculous.

We went inside, because generally speaking Snow ='s Cold.  We stripped Carter's wet clothes, warmed up, and then I said goodbye to my little munchkin once again, as Popaw took him back to the unsick place.

Here's where I get unmotherly and disregard all common sense.  Trenton is sick.  Really sick.  Strep AND Flu.  That's bad.  That's stay in bed and only get up to pee kinda bad.  That's popcicles to keep you hydrated and quarintine bad.  That's stay inside at all costs bad. 


It doesn't snow like it did today.  Not ever.  Not here.  I knew he wanted to see it.  And I felt terrible being the one that was telling him he couldn't and to go back to bed.  Because when will he get the chance again?  Maybe when he's MY age?  I've never seen snow like this.  Ever. 

So I made the decision.  Bundle him up and take him out.  He's already sick.  It can't get much worse, right?  I went into his room and made him put on 2 thermal shirts, a fleece sweater and his jacket.  I made him wear everything I could think of.  Hat, hood, scarf, etc.  Except friggin gloves.  I forgot gloves.  Dumb.  But we didn't stay out long.

Scott came home right as we were getting ready to go out into the front yard.  He said he was already planning on doing the same thing (so we're both bad parents) and had another place in mind.  So we got in the truck and drove a block away to the football field behind our house.  100+ yards of undisturbed snow.  Awesome!!

We built a flimsy snowman (no gloves means quick assembly), had snowball fights, and just ran around and enjoyed the fluffy puff that was surrounding us.

Trenton & the Snow Heart
I made it for him and he was so cute.  He wanted to keep it and bring it home with us. 

I just went back outside (it's exactly midnight as I type this) and took some more pictures.  It's STILL snowing.  In the spots not protected by our trees, there's roughly 6 inches of snow there.  That is WILD!

View from the front porch

Taken while standing in the middle of our street.  I love how deserted it is.  The flash reflects off each little snowflake and looks so pretty if you aren't looking through the lens when you snap the picture.

Comparison Time!

This morning...
An hour ago



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