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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Funday!

The love connection in this post is obscure. It's about people I love. Sooo.... there.


Ok, where to start. I guess I'll start with Trenton.

Trenton's father and I are divorced. We weren't married long. We got divorced a few months before Trenton turned 2. I don't think Trenton has any memories of his father and I together. Which, quite honestly, is perfectly ok with me. The memories he would have wouldn't be good ones anyway. My point is, he comes from divorce. He knows that. It just... is. It's ok. He spends time with his dad. It's simply the way life is for him.

So the other day, Scott and Trenton were going through their normal weekday morning routine. Scott takes Trenton to school on his way to work. Before getting out of the car, Trenton gave Scott a picture he'd drawn of a tree. He told Scott something along the lines of "when you and mommy get divorced, you have something to remember me by" and he got out of the car and went to school.


Where did that come from?!?! I mean, Scott gets on my damn nerves sometimes, but there's NO reason Trenton should be thinking we're getting divorced.

It was as sad as it was hilarious, lol. I mean it's sad that he just assumes that's going to happen again. But... it's kinda funny. Trenton basically gave Scott a picture and said, "take this for when mommy dumps your ass".

He spent the weekend with his Daddy, but I'm gonna have to sit down and subtley reassure him that his home and family is secure.

This weekend has been slow.  I DID catch Carter inside our bookcase in the playroom.  I turned around and all I saw were little feet sticking out of a cubby hole that at least a foot off the ground.  Of course, I took a picture, lol.

Scott played in a poker tourn Saturday afternoon/evening that he came home from earlier than he wanted to.  :(  So instead of having a "Me Night" like I'd originally planned, I got to eat ice cream and watch a movie I've been wanting to see with my husband. The ice cream was requested. The movie wasn't.  It was a nice surprise.  :)  It was a relaxing, do nothing kinda night.  Ok, we watched Saw 6 so it wasn't exactly relaxing, but the change of plans was not minded at all.  :) 

Fast forward to today, Superbowl Sunday.

In the last 12 hours, I heard the phrase, "Who Dat?!" roughly 12,477 times. NOT including outside sources like the TV. I think that's ALL my husband said today. Loudly. Over and over.

My parents came over to watch the game and Trenton came home earlier than normal so the Superbowl wasn't interupted for either of the men I've married in my life. ::Rolls eyes::

Chips and dip, 4 different flavors of Wing Street Wings, and an Oreo Ice Cream Cake made the night pretty awesome. Oh, and there was the game. :) I'll admit to watching, and enjoying, the game. It was certainly interesting.

Carter really enjoyed sitting with my dad and watching the game. Well, he really enjoyed laying in his lap and letting Popaw shovel oreo cake into his mouth. Lazy little toot!!

"More, Popaw!  More!"

"What are you looking at?!"

Yummy!  Oreo Cake Face.

During halftime, we got the boys into their jammies. Trenton graced us with an impromtu concert while Carter literally played on the internet and texted my brother with my dad's phone.

Trenton singing "Holy is the Lord" along with Scott's iphone.
"What does LOL mean?"
Carter was... less than happy about Scott taking him away from Popaw and his cell phone in order to put him in bed.

But not too mad to wave "bye" from the top of the stairs.

Trenton got to stay up a bit later and play some games with Nana.  He still went to bed before the football game ended, but trust me, he doesn't care.

It was a good weekend.   


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