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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I hate the 70's

I like the mundane days the best.

Yesterday, Carter and I spent the day playing and reading. We're both cotton-headed and stuffy so it was a pretty calm nothing kinda day. That evening, we met my parents and granfather for dinner at a deli in Rowlett. I got some birthday cash which will be put toward our eventual new kitchen, I guess. :)

On the way home, we stopped to get some snacks for Bunco (which I'm hosting tonight) and then at Lowe's in Murphy to plan our kitchen. SO fun to walk through their sample kitchens and decide which cabinets and colors we liked. What countertop we wanted and what our flooring options would be. Our kitchen is terrible. 1970's icky kitchen. The floor is peeling up laminate, the cabinets are crooked and PAINTED white. The counter is a weird yellow formica. And in the one spot that has backsplash... it's a disgusting dark yellow subway tile. So it's immensely fun to plan for our existing kitchen's eventual death and imagine what it will be like to have a room I don't HATE being in.


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