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Friday, March 12, 2010

Say "Holy is the Lord!"

I've gotten to use my new camera exactly one night.  And on that one night (yesterday) Scott dropped it and broke the lens.  ::Sigh::

So he gets to deal with shipping it back and getting me a new one.  Ugh!  Seriously?!

I didn't even take pictures.  I used the video element on it.  I still can't believe he broke it.  I should beat him.  >:(

Anyway, my BRIEF usage of my adorable camera resulted in this video.  :)  Trenton LOVES to sing.  And this is one of his favorites. 

Then I got this short video of Scott and Carter playing at the dinner table.  Trenton was at Science Night at school with his dad.  So Scott and Carter played at teh table while I videoed.  BTW, Carter's favorite game right now is yelling things at people.  Usually "Stop" or just random loud grunts.  I think it's as funny as it is sad, that one of my baby boy's first words that he understands and reapeats frequently is "STOP!" accompanied by a threatening finger pointing in someone's face. 

Where'd he get that?!  ::Shrugs::

Please excuse his {post dinner} crusty face and nakedness.  There was a lemonade incident that left his clothes soaking wet.  And yes, I mean lemonade, not "lemonade". 

Woo Hoo, It's Spring Break!!

I have fun stuff planned!  Not lots of crazy stuff, but a day at the arboretum, picnic at the park, maybe the zoo.  And plenty of lazy stay at home days where we'll play outside and draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  :)  Having both boys here with me is FUN! 

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