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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll eat you up I love you so...

I love that book. Before the movie and the hype. I love that book.  I used to read it to Trenton.  And when I read the part when Max says, "Let the wild rumpus start!!", we'd turn the page and he'd point to the picture {the only thing on the next pages} and he'd say, "Look Mommy, they're rumpusing!".  It's a kids book.  But as a grown up mommy, it's special to me, too.

Because even though Max is a nightmare and gets sent to his room {without dinner} where he then flees to a world of giant monsters and craziness, when he gets lonely... when he wants to be "where someone loves him best of all" he knows where to go.  He goes home.  Where his mommy has left his dinner.  And his dinner is still hot.  {insert warm and fuzzies}

The book is all of... like... 6 sentences.  But it's a very moving 6 sentences.  I ♥ it.  And I enjoyed the movie.  I found it funny, which I didn't expect.  And I loved the monsters.  Scott didn't know the book.  So I don't think he appreciated it as much as Trenton and I did.  But that makes it all the better.

Because I didn't know what we were watching until the movie started.  It was Scott's idea.  It was a surprise.  I knew we were doing something tonight, but I didn't know what exactly.  I was just told to save the date and that we weren't leaving the house.  I was certainly not disappointed.  :)  GREAT night.

And, maybe I'm just not getting out enough and am becoming a child again, but who doesn't want to see this movie, How to Tame Your Dragon  by Dreamworks?!  I want to see it bad.  It comes out right after my birthday.  So I'm thinking Trenton and I can have a birthday date and go see it.  Birthday's are good excuses for stuff.



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