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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Silverado Surprise

Scott came home from work today with a headache and a new truck.  The headache is normal.  The new truck, somewhat less so. 

I was mildly surprised, but he's been talking about getting one for awhile and then a friend came over with the kind of truck he wanted last Friday sooooo... I guess that got fast tracked.  Lol.

It's MUCH bigger than the avalanche he had and he claims the payments are lowers so I guess it's a good thing.  The interior is seriously WAY bigger which just works better since we have 2 boys now.  We could fit 6 adults in the new one if we wanted too... but we don't so don't ask.  :)

However, the dealership gave him the wrong keyless entry remote, so he can't turn the alarm on.. or off that way, lol.  He locks it then has to unlock it manually then rush to get his key in the ignition and start it (because I guess that bypasses the alarm) while it beeps that loud beep at him, LOL.

I like it.  I assume he likes it.  But now he expects to be able to trade parking spots with me.  ::Rolls Eyes::  Whatever.  The right side is mine. 

I googled pictures of it.  I think this is it.  It's the right color... I think.  Lol.  I just know it's a big, bluish gray truck with leather interior.  What else do I need to know?


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