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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Random Amusment

Bwhahahahaha!  So I was blog hoping earlier and ran across a random blog about current events.  I read the article about that killer whale going nutso on it's trainer.  Scary. 

Anyway, all the posts responses/comments were Animal Rights themed with the opposition babbling about the tragedy of the person's death.

Whatever.  I'm gonna stay out of that debate.  Manly because I don't care that much about either side.  Does it suck that these wild animals are being held captive?  Yes.  Do I love Sea World and Barnum & Bailey Circus?  I sure do.  So... whatever.  I'm inclined to say it's bummer she died but she worked with a giant toothy dolphin that's a known carnivore... soooo... yeah.  Killer is right there in the nickname. 

Anyway, one comment in particular made me laugh.  Lots.  Because it was nestled sweetly between the arguing sides of the crazies.

"Killer Whales hunt sharks. That's all you need to tell me. But then they only do so to eat their livers and that's it. That's some SILENCE OF THE LAMBS/gangsta stuff right there. That's why I drive by Sea World with my doors locked."

I don't know why that made me giggle the way it did.  But it did.

Of course then I had to research the truth in that statement.  I found it interesting that Orcas hunt and eat sharks.  9 different species of sharks.  Including Great Whites.  Mean little huge bastards.  But facinating.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

hahahah, I like that comment. Made me laugh too.

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