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Monday, March 01, 2010

Not Me Monday

I didn't throw on a sweatshirt today INSTEAD of a bra.  No, not me.

I didn't cheat on my FIRST DAY of my diet and workout program by drinking a Dr Pepper.  No, not me. 

I didn't mix fish oil, metamucil, and various other vitamin mixes into my crystal light tea, turning it into a weird and disgusting SLUSH that resembled a slurpee... but wasn't cold.  No, not me.

I didn't watch "What I like about You" on Teen Nick today while Carter played in the floor next to me.  No, not me.

I didn't get excited when my husband got out of bed this morning because it meant I could sprawl out like I wanted.  No, not me.

I didn't call then tell the academic advisor at CCCC that an automated system was less frustrating to talk to and had more inflection in it's voice.  No, not me.

I didn't STARE at the bottle of wine for 10 minutes trying to convince myself that I could go 6 weeks without having any... then take a swig directly from the bottle.  No, not me.

I didn't get tired while working out and then stop doing reps.  I also didn't continue counting reps on rythm, even though I'd stopped.  No, not me.   

I didn't consider putting on pants JUST to go buy a lottery ticket so I can afford plastic surgery... then decide that no one would notice if I DID get plastic surgery anyway so why bother.  No, not me.

I didn't google pro ana websites to give me inspiration for my diet.  No, not me.


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