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Monday, March 01, 2010

♣ March ♣

It's officially March.  My birthday month.  Whatcha gonna get me?! 

I won't get a surprise party.  I won't get a huge gift.  I won't get a vacation.  I probably won't even get the new kitchen floor my parents are gifting a contribution to in the name of my birthday.  Those things are expensive.  Sheesh.

Apparently, I'm just gonna get older.  ::Sigh::

I wanna be 6 again where parties are SUPER AWESOME and what you look forward to all year.  It's YOUR day.  All eyes are on you and everyone wants to be your friend so they can come to your Putt Putt party or whatever, lol.  There were pinatas, and cake, and games, and food 

Birthdays are phenomenally the opposite at this age.  For me, anyway.  The "special" is gone.  You wake up.. and it's just another day.  I'm still just plain ol' mommy.  I don't wake up to being anymore special than I was the day before.  I'm not...  ~♥~MOMMY~♥~  or anything on my birthday, lol.  Which is totally fine.  But if I had known back then what birthday now were going to be like... I would have made the MOST outta it.  I think I would have appreciated the effort my parents put into making those days special more.  The time and the money they put in.  To celebrate me being alive.  :)  I wish I could go back and relive my Putt Putt party again.  That's the one I remember most.  I remember feeling... excited/loved/special/on top of the world.  They even put my name on the marquee and I thought that was SO cool.  ::Chuckle:: 

So that's my birthday wish.  Time travel to my... 7th?  8th? birthday party.  Anyone have a DeLorean I can borrow?   


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