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Friday, March 19, 2010

Zaney Zoo and Impulsivity

Gimp foot and all, we went to the zoo today.  Scott took the day off work and off we went... along with roughly a zillion other people.  Seriously, that place was SO crowded.  We got there about 10 minutes after they opened, and 2 parking lots were already closed and they waved us by as they barracaded them off.

Went went to the Ft. Worth zoo because the Dallas zoo is icky, IMO.  After seeing the traffic and insane amount of people there, we ALMOST changed our minds and drove out to Glen Rose to the Drive-thru Safari... but stuck to our plan and rode it out. 

So.Many.People.  Holy Cow!! 

It was an exhausting day.  But, the boys had fun, I think.  I KNOW they both loved their souviners.  :)  Carter huged his stuffed red panda all the way home and Trenton played with his plastic tiger chomper until we dropped him off.  :)

We dropped Trenton off with his Dad on the way back then ran to the store to get new lamps for our bedside dressers.  I decided I liked the ones I bought last week elsewere so we needed something to read with in bed. 

An hour later we left the store with the lamps {took me all of 3 minutes to pick them and matching shades} AND a new bicycle for me, a bike trailer to pull Carter in, a Ben 10 bike helmet and bell for Trenton, and a new cushier seat for my new bike.  LOL!

We've been talking about riding as a family for awhile, but the big hold up was me.  I didn't have a bike.  Haven't been on a bike since I was... 10?  I don't remember.  So we geared me up to do some family riding.

Impulsive buys are fun.  :)  I'm hoping the rain hold off so we can bundle up, put Carter in the trailer with some blankets and ride tomorrow morning!!  :) 


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