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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How to eat a grilled cheese

The best part is around 54 seconds.  If you're pressed for time, start at 45 seconds then listen closely and enjoy the details of life with little boys.  :)



Stephanie Warner said...

SO funny Kristin! I love it. Don't you just love this age.....Carter reminds me so much of Gavin!!!! They are just so funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny !!! I couldn't decide if Carter was eating or smelling his stoasted cheese sandwich.....he is just so cute. This is just such a great age and I'll be visiting this time next week. I can't wait to see everyone but of course, I can barely wait to get my arms around Tristan. He's such fun to watch in videos and now I can enjoy him in person ....Take care Kristin

Margie Mazzeo

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