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Sunday, April 18, 2010

No day should pass without something being done. ~ Latin Proverb

Latin Proverbs are dumb.

It's been a fairly lazy and hugely enjoyable weekend.  We did get some small things done, but I was trying to avoid productivity since I am officially back to work as of tomorrow.  And I just want to wallow in my family and being at home.  Plus, I was super busy last weekend.

Last weekend, I turned this...

...into this.

It had been on my to-do list for a LONG time to change the playroom from the mossy death green to a lighter, brighter and more appealing color.  We bought and hung curtains yesterday and after we get all the things hung back up on the walls, it'll be a real room again!  I framed Carter's first painting and plan on hanging it up next to Trenton's canvas painting from when he was 2.  I also have some fun crafty plans from this room, but that'll have to wait until time allows.

I love this room now!  It's SO much brighter and fun to be in.  And it feels bigger.

Ok, enough about that.

Like I said, we did a few productive things this weekend, but very little.  Most of the day (for Scott) was dedicated to dinner.  Lol.  He got it in his mind that he wanted steak and potatoes.  So he bought the biggest steak I've ever seen {aside from John Candy's in The Great Outdoors.  Throwback!}, and spent a ton of time marinading and such.  He also made skewers of bacon-wrapped shrimp and pineapples.  All I did was make the potatoes and a small salad.  He popped a bottle of a yummy cab open and we ate like kings!  I was starving and I barely got through half of that steak and I couldn't eat all the shrimp.

My potatoes look so sad with all the cheese and bacon bits that I added later.  But look at that steak taking up half the plate.  It was thick, too. 

After dinner, we went outside and sat under the cover of our back porch and watched the rain.  Scott's music room is right off the porch, so he left the door open and we listened to music and just sat for an hour or so. 

We came in around 9pm and watched a horrible (fabulous) SyFy channel movie I'd DVR'ed.  Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

It was AWFUL!!  I loved it.  :)  Henry Rollins was in it.  Scott claims that's the only reason he tolerated it, but I think he secretly loves a disasterously terrible movie as much as I do. 

Today, I have nothing planned except hang out with Carter, take a hot bath at some point, and enjoy my very last day of stay-at-home mommyhood.  :)

I am so immensely thankful for all the time I got to spend with Carter and Trenton when he wasn't in school.  It's been a huge blessing made possible through hidden gifts from God.  I haven't missed anything.  Crawling, first steps, or any of the other milestones in small children's lives.  I'm so vastly thankful for that I can't even begin to explain it.  However, I want to be able to comfortably DO things without feeling guilty or having to worry.  Take family vacations.  Buy my ever growing children clothes, shoes, etc. without second thought.  Get completely out of debt and be able to tackle some home projects we've been wanting to do.  Reestablish a savings cushion.

I'm super excited about new friends, adult conversations, health insurance and a paycheck.  I'm less than thrilled about getting up early, having to get dressed, and leaving Carter with someone else all day and not be able to pick Trenton up at school.  But these are the sacrifices we make.   

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