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Saturday, April 24, 2010


I took a blog nap.  A mini blog vacation.  But I'm back.  I know.  I can hear the collective sigh of relief. 


It's SO WEIRD to be back at work.  It's a good thing.  1 week down.  And it was a good week.  Busy.  Crazy.  Overwhelming.  But good.  I like it there.  I like the people.  It's a perfect fit for me.  And it's awesome to work close to home.  I couldn't do the commute to downtown Dallas again.  What a BEATING!

So things on that front are good.  I'm adjusting, but I've been exhausted.  So I've been neglecting my beloved blog this last week.  Which is more painful for me than anyone else, I know.  :)  It's theraputic for me, so I expect to be back in blog form... soon.

For now, I just have a short story about Scott making 3 seperate trips to the store today to get me the donuts I wanted (he brought the wrong {icky} kind the first few times).  It was sweet of him to keep going back, lol.  Poor guy.  But my heart was set on a specific kind of donut.  Ya know, the yummy kind.  ::wink::

After breakfast, we went to the park to feed the duck.  We saw LOTS of baby ducks.  Teeny little groups of fuzzy ducks following their mamas around.  One group was on land and I may or may not have tried to snag one so Carter and Trenton could touch it.  That didn't work out {which is probably best} but we did feed the babies so I made up for my anti-nature intentions.

It was windy, but a super nice day.  Gorgeous weather.  Perfect day to be out and about.

Despite our desire to plump up the water fowl of Plano, there weren't that many ducks and the ones that were out, weren't that hungry, so we finished quickly and let the boys run around.

Scott decided that since we didn't have a ball with us, he'd throw the leftover package of bread around with the boys. 

Yeah.  I dunno.  Whatever.

And Bread Ball was born.  It died, however, shortly there after in an accident that resembled a bird getting sucked into a planes engine.  Bread EVERYWHERE.  I happen to be videoing and caught bread showering the boys from above, which was really funny.  Sadly, youtube is being a little bitch and won't load it.   

We hit the playground for 10 minutes before we left and Trenton instantly disappeared, having made a new friend within seconds of entering the "play zone".  Scott helped Carter play on the smaller equipment and I videotaped.


Scott had some charity poker something or other tonight, so I am just relaxing, catching up on my shows, and watching bad movies and tv.  :)  I love nights like that.

Happy Weekend! 


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