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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oh look, I gotta... whatever...

Bunco, bunco, bunco... what a wonderfully hilarious time you provide my friends and I. I woke up this morning and my abs ached a little bit from laughing as hard as I did last night at our monthly bunco game.

It is SO nice to have a few hours to myself to spend with my girlfriends chatting, snacking, and playing a game that involves no talent or strategy.

Of course, when the evening started I was feeling a little pissy, because apparently it's too much to ask my husband to just go upstairs and watch tv or whatever and give me a few hours sans male bs and give me some time with my friends. He's got to bitch about my asking and then stand outside chatting with my ex husband {who was dropping Trenton off} while I dealt with a sleepy, cranky, and crying baby and tried to greet my friends. Awesome. Thanks for that.

This is exactly why I need my bunco time. :/ Sharing my stories of my marital bliss with the 2 girls in the group who are engaged is one of the highlights, lol.

The evening got MUCH better once he FINALLY came in and got the baby and went upstairs.

The next few hours were awesome. We laughed. Then we laughed. Oh, also, we laughed. :) And I didn't even have anything to drink. I didn't win... again. But that's ok. I'm going to stop inviting Jenn, though, because she's won one of the three prizes every time, though. ::Snicker::

Anyway, Bunco is fabulous. I love it. It's like a super mini vacation from my life.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

I LOVED how much we laughed last night. It was great!! Can't wait until the 28th.

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