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Monday, May 10, 2010

2 years ago today...

I got married.  Honestly, it seems like longer, lol.  We've been together for what feels like forever.  Maybe because, even in the beginning, this has felt right.  We met about 4 years ago and I'll tell you that it wasn't too terribly long before I knew this who'd-have-thought relationship would be a forever thing.  Because it was easy.  We just... fit.

Fun facts about our relationship:
  • I proposed to him... kinda.
  • We met on Myspace {that is SO embarassing to admit to people!!}
  • Our first meeting was disasterous.  I wanted to leave within 5 minutes and he wanted me gone.  LOL.
  • Scott is 6 years older than me.  Which makes our age difference about the same as Trenton and Carter's age difference.  Which is pretty weird if you think too much about it.
Things aren't perfect.  We fight.  We're normal.  There are times I can't stand him being in my space and I know he feels the same way about me.  He snores and farts and I throw my clothes on the floor and get snappy when I'm tired.

But there's no one in the world I'd rather watch LOST with, or go to Home Depot with, or wake up next to.  I know he'd do anything for the boys, he takes care of me, and he does sweet, romantic things without being a girly guy {'cause that just ain't my thang}. 

He calls me "Snook-ums", just to get under my skin, but I can forgive him, because I've called him much worse, lol. 

Anyway, I love you, Mr. Durbin.  I'm happy to be your Mrs. 


For visual sake, a photo display of our journey to the aisle.

We got engaged January 1st.  Some of our Engagment Photos:

Bridal Session {um, thank goodness for my friend and bridesmaid, Amy, for being there to help with this 4 HOUR PHOTO SHOOT, lol} 

We got married on May 10, 2008.  Our Wedding was at Chase Oaks Church in Plano...

...and our Reception was at D'Vine Wine in Plano.

Then we were off to spend the weekend at The Gaylord.  Which was really nice and relaxing.  Movies, blacklight mini golf, and whatnot.  Presumably, we'll go on a "real" honeymoon some day, but to be honest, I like the short {and not too far from home} kinda getaways the best.  I'm not a traveler.


Happy Anniversary, Scott!


Alyssa said...

Awww, Happy Anniversary! Don't be embarrassed about finding him on the internet! That's how I met Scott and the more I find out how people met, the more I am finding that they have on the internet.

Our first date was kinda funny and weird too. Scott comes to my house, gets out of the truck and steps into this HUGE puddle in the yard. We go to Simply Fondue and his mom is checking on him to make sure I am not some killer! bahahahahahaha Then, I am trying to get my foot untangled from the cord under the table and he thinks I am trying to rub his leg!!!! We had talked for a couple of months over the phone before we actually met so it wasn't a TOTAL blind date kinda thing.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, you two !!!

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