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Friday, May 07, 2010

Help! I think I'm melting! This is all your fault! - C3PO

GAWD!!  I have been sick forever!  Thanks to my favorite TV things like Mystery Diagnosis and the SyFy channel, I'm half convinced that I have one of the following...
  • Brain Cancer
  • An Alien Inside Me
  • A Spinal Fluid Leak
  • A Parasite Eating My Insides
  • Kidney Disease
I'm beat.  I'll update after Mother's Day.  That's Sunday and then our wedding anniversary is Monday. 

We've been watching Star Wars movies and such to pass the sick time.

My husband is taking good care of me.  He is being very sweet and taking care of the boys and letting me rest.  Hopefully, this crazy over a week long illness will be magically healed when I wake up tomorrow.

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