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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Therapy

I found myself thanking God for the shades of greens stripes and watery pink insides of watermelons a couple of days ago (Hence the new blog design). Seriously. This is slightly odd because I hate watermelons. ::Gag::  But it’s pretty. How awesome is it that the world is full of bright colors and a million textures and a bazillion different smells. 

How boring would life be if we couldn’t smell warm cinnamon when baking something scrumptious, or have the splashes of orange, red, and yellow tulips in our neighbors yard, or feel the chilly wind on a November night at a High School football game. The things that stand out most in my favorite memories are the colors. The smells. The sounds. And the way those things made me feel.

What a beautiful backsplash we have while we’re here. The green of the grass and the blues in the sky. And not just blue but innumerable shades and variations of blue. Every intricately painted petal of a flower or the brilliant red of a cardinal. It amazing, if you really think about it. Because it’s a gift of love. A God that didn’t love us, would have us living in a world void of color, lacking the comforting smells we take for granted, and without the comforts of the sense of touch. We’d never know the difference. So why? Why the daily sunset worthy of portrait and the powerful and beautiful landscapes all over the world that steal the breath of thousands upon thousands of people?

“For God so loved the world…” is why. And THAT isn’t even the most important part of that verse!!

Anyway, my point is, I’m feeling thankful. For the things I do have, as opposed to being sad about the things I don’t or the needs I have that I feel aren’t being met. I still have a lot. Moer than I deserve, without question.  So I’m thankful for a body that knows how to heal itself when I accidently cut myself. And for the ability to see the faces and hear the laughter of my children. And for the brain and logical thought process he provided the people who invented, what I call, luxuries (dishwashers, hammocks, and spanx, lol).


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Anonymous said...

beautifully, written, Kristin....Sometimes you're funny, other times you're angry and today you're thankful....so am I, for all that is my life...oh well, at least most of it...take care and keep writing because I really like it and when you don't write, I pout.

Margie Mazzeo

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