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Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventures in Pet Picking

Ferret?  No.  But we thought about it.  Even held one at a Pet Store on Saturday.  It crawled all over us and even kissed Carter, lol. {Trenton was with his dad} 

I considered turtle.  But they carry bacteria.  But what child doesn't, lol?

Fish?  No.  Dorothy just died.  I am NOT getting another fish in the near future.

So anyway, for Trenton's birthday, Scott and I decided to get him his very own pet, as a surprise.  We knew what kind ahead of time and bought the set up over the weekend.  We took him today to Petco under a ruse that Scott made up.  We looked at all the animals without telling him he was getting one.  When I told him he got to pick a hamster, he was SO excited. 

We brought him home a couple of hours ago and Trenton already loves him.  His name is, of course, Ben, after Ben 10 the cartoon.  He's a cutie.  Happy Early Birthday, Trenton!


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