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Sunday, June 27, 2010

High Five!

HUGE year for Trenton.  Trenton started kindergarten, gained a stepdad and became a big brother in the same year. 

Him starting school was one of the hardest days of my LIFE.  I bawled when we dropped him off.  BAWLED!  He was fine.  Flounced away to make new freinds without even giving me a hug.  :)  Which made it even more evident he didn't "need" me and caused me some serious emotional trauma.  However, I'm so thankful he's independent instead of clingy.  Because while I was secretly hurt that he was fine, it was much better than worrying all day how HE was doing.  I'd rather be miserable and upset than have him feel that way.  :)

He looked adorable at Scott and my wedding.  And he was amazing when it came time for me to have Carter.  I was worried about Trenton adjusting to Carter.  He'd giving me some signs that he was anxious.  Once {about 8.5 months pregnant}, while Trenton and I were discussing his Kinndergarten lesson on fire safety, I told him in the event of a fire to go outside and wait for me by the mailbox.  He said he'd wait inside.  I told him no, to go out and I'd meet him OUTside.  He burst into tears suddenly and told me he "didn't want things to change".  Uh-oh!  But his nervousness was over as soon as he met Carter.

I went into labor shortly there after.

After checking into the hospital, Trenton, Scott, Nana {who'd come to take Trenton to her house overnight} and I were chatting when the nurse came in to give me my IV.  Never was there a more concerned little man.  He watched carefully and patted my hand telling me it'd be ok.  You could hear fear in his voice.  He was so worried about me.  He snuggled in close to Scott while my IV was put in {with some blood spill that didn't sit well with him}.  He was hesitant to leave me.  After being assured I was fine, he finally left.  But I'll never forget the look on his face while I was being stuck. 

Becoming a big brother was natural for Trenton.  He is the best big brother that ever was.  And Carter adores and looks up to him.  Carter is so incredibly lucky to have Trenton as a brother.  And I am eternally grateful that I was blessed to have him as my son.

Relax, it's lemonade



Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog Kristin....Trenton is so adorable and his mommy has a beautiful heart...>Margie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, Kristin. Trenton is adorable and his mommy has a loving heart..Margie

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the first one posted so I tried again..
double the compliments !!!!
Happy 4th !! Margie

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