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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet and Silly Six

First grade. Trenton's First Grade teacher was awesome. He did really well academically. However, he had some trouble being quiet and focusing. That resulted in some bad colors on his behavior chart. But all-in-all a great year. He even won FIRST place in the ENTIRE First Grade in the Science Fair. He went to Regionals and everything. Kinda. His project went. He had the Flu and Strep Throat and couldn't go himself. :( But he did well. I'm so proud of him!

He lost his first tooth... from his mouth then at school.  He came home with a hole in his gums and no tooth, lol.  Mommy helped pull his second tooth.  Since then, he's been willing his teeth to stay in I think.  The Tooth Fairy left him $1 for each one though.

He also joined cub scouts this year. He went camping and won 2nd place in his Den's Pinewood Derby race with his Ben 10 car that he and Scott made.

Trenton, my imaginative little man, you are my heart and my happiness.  I love you more than x's infinite!


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