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Thursday, June 10, 2010

::Taps Out::

I hate being disrespected.  It's such an incredible slap in the face.  It's the best way to make someone feel inconsequential and insignificant.  You don't matter so I can disregard your feelings. 


I'm tapping out of this week early.  I was ready to be done on Monday.  I'm really ready for Friday.  This has been an especially exhausting week.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.  I'm just drained. 

Not that it ends tomorrow.

I'm going to see my best friend after work.  She's in the hospital.  She had major surgery today.  I've had some conversations with her recently that have made me ill.  Not with or at her, just at what she's been going through.  I love her and HATE to see her in any kind of pain.  And pain isn't giving her any kind of break... and hasn't been for quite some time. 

But at least I get to see her.  

However, Friday means summer hours at work and the ability to take an ambien without it mattering how groggy I am the next day.  ::Sigh::  Hurray for weeks with a single day of genuine rest.  I am REALLY looking forward to it. 



Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear your friend is going through a bad time. You are a great friend and I'm sure she appreicates you being there for her. It hurts to see the ones you love hurting.

You know I have to make my general Ambien comment....watch out for the laundry!! It's Evil.

Jenny said...

Ambien is the best/worst thing ever. Prayers for your friend and blessings on your day of rest.

You should totally read this book called The Path by Laurie Beth Jones. It's about writing a mission statement for your life. I thought about you the other day while I was reading it.

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