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Saturday, June 05, 2010

PF CHA-Changs!

Scott and I went to PF Changs last night for Date Night dinner.  I ordered Chicken in black bean sauce and he ordered... Mongolian Beef {I think}.  We munched on lettuce wraps and waited on our food.  When it arrived I was stoked.  I was starving.  So it took a minute.  Then we realized this wasn't what we ordered.  Instead we got Kung Pow Beef and Honey Chicken.  They realized the mistake almost as soon as we did and we got OUR food immediately.  AND they left the wrong ordered.  Let's just say we stuffed ourselves SILLY.  Because it was all SOOOO good.  We took some home boxed up, but not as much as we should've, lol.

Anyway, my rents watch Carter {T is with his dad this weekend} so we could go out.  He got coughy sick and today {Saturday} when we picked him up, he'd progressed to puking.  Yikes!  Sorry Mom and Dad!  We wouldn't have sent him over if we'd known that was going to happen, lol.

But he's not feeling well FOR SURE.  We got home and he didn't even try holding himself up.  He'd walk around then sink to sitting then just lay down wherever he was.  I got a couple of goldfish {go-flipsh, as he says} into him with about 6 oz of pedialite.

When I gave him a bath, he stood up {which took some effort} leaned over the side, and laid his wet head in my lap where I was sitting on the potty lid to save my knees from the tile floor.  He sat there breathing raspily then fell asleep.  It made me so sad.  It was the quickest bath ever. 

I settled him into some comfy jammies, rubbed baby vicks vapo rub on his chest, set the vaporizer up {with more lavender vicks medication} and gave him a pedialite sippy cup to keep in bed with him.  Not a peep of protest.  Which is unheard of.  He rolled right over with his Teddy and fell asleep while I stroked his hair. 


What's WEIRD is, when my babies are sick, it makes me want to have another baby.  LOL.  They're so lovey and hold-me-mommy that I miss that teeny baby neediness they grow out of so quickly. 

My husband will probably piss himself when he reads that. 




Anonymous said...

It's so hard when your little ones are sick. I remember it so well...hopefully, Carter will be aok before you know it...Take care, Kristin
Looooove honey chicken and oh those lettuce wraps...yum

Sarah said...

Poor little carter. Hope he feels better.

Jenny said...

Hooray for more babies :) !

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