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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"It took me seventeen years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course." Hank Aaron

Yesterday, Scott went to a cook out that I opted not to attend. He took the boys and I jumped on the opportunity to visit my girl, Gibs. We drank wine, ate chinese {food, not people}, and watched a TERRIBLE movie and some WE TV of the Bridezilla sort. Greatness. I love watching people go INSANE! And Sarah's engaged, so seeing her react negatively toward the psycho brides was reassuring... but I have the number... just in case.

::Blink, Blink::

So today, we were going to go to Glen Rose, but decided to do it another weekend. So we to play some mini golf instead. Lunar Golf, to be specific. It's neat. It's blacklight golf. So all you can really see is the outlines of the holes, your ball and the club. And the cute paintings on the wall. Everything else is black.

However, it's impossible for me to hold my camera still enough {and for the boys to be still enough} to take pictures of them in dim light {gets super blurry}.  So I had the flash on which ruins the blacklight effect.  ::Shrugs::


Carter was a PAIN and just wanted to carry the golf balls around.  Putting was of NO interest to him.

We didn't keep score and I was glad to leave {Carter was beating me down with his fits about the golf balls and Scott trying to rush us through was getting on my last nerve}, but Trenton had a good time and that's what matters.  :)

THEN, as we left the mall, he got a new pair of Ben 10 shoes {this is his 2 year fav cartoon} and a slushee.  Good day for him!  He told me, "This is the best day EVER, Mommy!".  So cute.  Makes the sweat {literally, it was super hot in there} and drama all worth it. 



Sarah said...

Lunar Golf sounds fun!! We should totally go play there ourselves sans children!!!

Thanks again for coming over. I made sure all the chinese was thrown away this time. ;)

Jenny said...

I'm with Carter. I too want to carry around balls and be a pain in the rear.

KRiSTiN said...

Lunar golf is adult friendly. Scott and I did it on our honeymoon.

Jenny, I'm not surprised in the least. ;)

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