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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Via a coworker, I was given 4 Founder Club tickets to the Frisco Rough Riders game for tonight, Friday the 13th. Free tickets? Yes Please!

Founder Club tickets, in case you don't know (cause I didn't) mean "premium" seats within the first 12 row, up front parking, unlimited food and beverage {yes, including alcohol} and permission to enter specific parts of stadium others aren't admitted.  And I got all this for us for free!  I ♥ that!  Makes it more special cause I'm thrifty and things like that make me excited!

Anyway, Scott and the boys picked me up in North Plano, where I work and off we went. We ate dinner there at the Something or other Grille, watched the game {I kept a CLOSE eye on those foul balls. Made me nervous}, and then when Carter got grumpy, we went for ice cream in the 5th inning. Trenton had fun watching and Carter kept yelling "YAY!!" when other people clapped or even at random times. We didn't make it to the end when there was a fireworks show, but considering we made it until 9 something and Carter's bedtime is 7 pm {at which time the game STARTED}, I'd say we did good.  I think they had fun. I enjoyed it. It's nice to just get out and do something you haven't done before.

I didn't have my good camera, but I took pictures {of course!} with my little back up camera.


Go Rough Riders!

Some poor guy fainted or something right in front of us and had to be taken out by paramedics.  I didn't think it was that hot.  He disagreed, I guess.

Ice Cream aka Huge Mess

Tomorrow? Early morning consignment sale with my mom. I love those things. Expect posts if I score some good finds!!


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