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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I ♥ a good deal!

I love big consignment sales.  I do.  I went to my first one when Carter was a baby and I just LOVED it.  Great stuff for great prices.  How do you beat that?  JBF was my first experience.  LOVED the first 2 I went to.  The last one {a couple of weeks ago} was less than impressive.  FAR less stuff than I'd seen there before.  I got some things for both boys, but not nearly as much as I normally do. 

Today, my mom and I tried a new sale that I heard about via a friend sending me the link.  Rhea Lana in Frisco.  Let me tell you, it was SOOOOOOOOOO organized and clean and fabulous.  Smaller scale than JBF but still TONS of great stuff.  One room with perfectly organized clothes, then another whole room for toys, then ANOTHER room for books and videos.  I even found a new DS game for Trenton for $12 {those things can be anywhere from $30-$50}!!  I was really impressed with this sale.  I got some really cute things, too.  The goal was Trenton's back-to-school things, but I only found a pair of jeans and shorts for him.  His size was BARE, lol.  So Carter got some new fall/winter things.  ::Shrugs:: I'd have to buy them when the weather changed anyway. 

2 of the jeans have a warm fleece lining for super cold months
Button down shirts
Drummer outfit and ADORABLE sweater for $4.50 each
Brand new {with tags} fleece vest, CUTE retro zipper sweater, and adorable blue windbreaker
Football Sweatpans.  Fall = Football, right?

Not pictured are the jammies, the 2 pairs of shoes {sketchers and reeboks} that look brand new, the DS game, the clothes for Trenton, and the sprinkler seal toy that sprays water for the kids to play in outside.  $4 for an adorable sprinkler toy that we'll use over and over and over again.  Awesome?  YES!

I went to Old Navy and got a couple of $10 jeans for Trenton {Hurray for sales!} and 5 or 6 long sleeved shirts.  I've been to Target and some other sales so after a visit to Kohls and another consignment sale I'm going to with a coworker during "lunch" soon, Trenton is ready for back to school.  New back pack and lunch box are already bought and ready to be filled with goodies!!


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