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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abstract Blogging

  • Pumpkin Spice candle smell....
  • 74 Degrees with a breeze and semi cloudy sky (which you're appreciating by having all the windows in your house open)....
  • Sunday afternoon with nowhere to go....
  • The sounds of a football game drifting into all corners of the house....
  • The muffled sounds of 2 little boys playing and laughing....

Today.  Today is a great day.
I'm pretty sure that my SOUL just woke up. ::Deep Sigh::

Well hello, Fall. I've truly missed you. 

I feel like Autumn is my seasonal personality counter-part. 

Some people are summer.  Bubbly, full on and warm.  Movement and Fatigue.  Going until you can't go.  Warmth that can be over powering.  Freedom.  Independence.  Play to the point of disregard.  Smiles and whooping.  Loud.  Fun to the center of being.

Some people are winter.  Cold and forboding.  Strong and biting.  However, pleasent and beautiful in their own way.  But mostly wet socks from layers of snow and runny noses.

And some people are Spring.  Fresh, new, optimistic.  Like Youth.  Naive but full of life and hope and all things pink and green and happy.  Like a new baby.  Tee Shirts and flip flops.  Comfort and growth. 

The rest of us have Autumn in our being.  Nostalgic.  Still but for a wisp of breeze.  Washed out colors except for the vivid orange, yellow and red that cling to life relentlessly, refusing to wither.  Accepting.  Knowing... but not bitter.  The warmth of a sweater, but the chill of breeze through your hair.  Family.  

I ♥ Autumn.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, said Kristen
I love Fall but feel a little bit sad in knowing that Summer is gone and a long and cold winter is ahead. (It's soooo long here in upstate N.Y.)...I enjoy sitting on the porch and watching the dried up leaves skitter down the street with the wind and smell the wood burning stoves being used in the neighborhood. Lovely time of year!! Happy Fall, Kristen..Margie

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