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Friday, October 01, 2010

Weekend Wonderful!

Is at home today.  I KNOW!  Lucky me.  I'm spending the day baking and putting the finishing touches on some baby shower stuff for the shower I'm co-hosting with 2 other awsome ladies tomorrow.  Pictures to come.  LOTS of cute stuff I want to show you.  :)

It's officially October.
October is AWESOME!  October and November are my favorite months of the year.  :)  October is going to be INSANELY busy.  This weekend the baby shower, like I said.  Next weekend is Joel McCale and poker night in celebration of most of my family's birthdays.  Ryan ~ my brother.  Richard ~ his partner.  And My Dad.  All their birthdays are within 10 days.  So we're having everyone over to snack and play poker.  The next weekend I have a tenative bachelorette party and date night with Gibs.  Gibs date night is a must because it's almost Halloween and our date nights typically consist of {more often than not, TERRIBLE} scary movies and chinese food.  Weekend after that is Angela's wedding.  That leave the last weekend, which is Halloween weekend.  So we already have my parents babysitting everyweekend except the last one.  Yikes!

But it's better than having no friends and NOTHING to do, lol.

I started tanning and I whitened my teeth.  I'm no golden goddess yet, but I do love not being translucently white.

That's all I got, really.

Back to baking.


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