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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Baby Bonanza

One of my best friends is having a sweet baby boy.  So while I can {and have} tell her all day long that having a baby {especially a boy, in my humble opinion, lol} is the most amazing, intense, incredible thing that could ever happen to you, no one truly grasps the depth of that truth until someone puts that little fleshy gooball in their arms.  The previously unknown dimension of love and life and whole new concept of reality that unfolds isn't something I can put into words if you haven't yet experienced it.  Soooo, I threw a shower.

Well, not just me.  Thank GOODNESS!  The creative spunk and total awesomeness of my girlfriends Jen and Erin made the shower SOOO cute and fun. 

There are very few things that I can personally take credit for.  It was important to me to make something for Amy that was personal.  She made a SUPER cute toybox personalized for Carter when I was pregnant.  It was AMAZING and I still love it.  So after spending some time thinking, pooling my "talents", and surfing esty.com, I settled on making personalized building blocks with her baby boys name on them and matching the theme and colors of her nursery.  I spent some serious time on those things, lol.  But they came out really great, I think.  Worth the sore shoulders and near-tear frustration with my own talentless suckiness, lol.  I literally got pissed and threw one I didn't like away and started over, lol.  Several people went on about how cute they thought they were not knowing I made them and was standing there.  That's what I wanted.  Her {and her husband and baby} to have something that was truly cute and personal.  :)  I'm pretty proud of them. 

The only other things I made myself are the diaper cake and the etched "Mommy" and "Daddy" wine glass and beer mug.  I loved making these glasses because they're disher washer safe and can be used every day.  And they're special. 

Erin did help me hold it together and roll up diapers for the cake {which you know is huge if you've ever made one of these things!}.  Obviously, the nursery has a jungle theme with emphasis on animal prints.  It looks SOOO cute in there!  Amy's really done a great job decorating.  Here's some other pictures of the decorations.  We had SEVERAL clotheslines since we all couldn't stop buying cutie little boy clothes for it, lol.  And Jen taught us how to make the poofy pom-pom hanging balls.  We had a prep night where we gabbed, snacked, and crafted our creations ahead of time.  It was SUPER fun. 

The Paula Dean Cake Balls I made.  Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese Icing {Blue}
& Lemon with Lemon Icing {Green} 

 Signature Book

 Piggy bank for Baby G's "First College Fund"

 The Invitation

Outdoor Party Area {Note the pom-poms Jen taught us to make!}

Diaper Toss!  I thought it's be neat if the weather was nice to set up a bean bag type game with diapers weighted with a little water

Jen made "Greyson's Candy Shoppe" AND the cute chalk board sign

Jen, me & Erin

 Keith & Amy in the sashs Jen made
 Erin and I sampling the Rum Fruit Punch that Jen made {but couldn't drink because she's pregnant, too}
 Playing The {Almost} Newly Parents Game.  We sent one of them away and asked the other questions.  Then the first came back and had to guess the others answers.  They each got a turn to answer first and guess their spouses answers.  It was REALLY funny.  And for each answer they got right, they got a quarter in the piggy for Greyson's college fund.

My husband helped me out alot today.  I REALLY appreciated it!



Leigh Gable said...

Wow, what a CUTE CUTE shower, great job! Also, really good job on the diaper cake, customer blocks, and etched glasses...um "wow"!

Looks like you had a blast and the mom/dad to be had a lot to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

All of you did an awesome job on the baby shower. A professional couldn't have done a better job and I'm sure that mommy and daddy enjoyed every minute of it.

KRiSTiN said...


I hope so. My anxiety level was at pretty substantial levels beforehand, lol. I hope they had a great time and enjoyed all the things we tried to make special. The game was really funny and caused several uproarious moments, so that was fun. :)

I was worried about the blocks for awhile. It took me a LONG time to make them all, but I'm really happy with how they came out {thankfully!!}. :)

Lish said...

That's crazy awesome.
Everything looks amazing - I normally hate baby showers, which is awful to say, but the one you guys through is gorgeous and tasteful and everything!

I'm so jealous of your crafty talents.
And thrifty talents.

If I didn't like you so much I think I'd hate you.


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