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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hops and Hugs

When I left our "Footprint Plate" at Art & Soul last Saturday, it had 2 green footprints, a blue square (sky) and a green triangle {grass} on it.  This is what I got back today...

I LOVE it!!

All I asked was that she {Julie, who is the artist/owner} turn the foot prints into froggies {which I saw in one of her huge books of hand and footprint design ideas.  We talked a bit about the flowers and bugs and text, but I certainly didn't expect the utter cuteness of this!  She even made my green grass rectangle better.

Look at the foot froggies!

And I love the little buggies on the sides.

I love this place.  If you haven't been.. GO!  It's in Plano at Park and Ohio.  I have NEVER been disappointed with my stuff.  You basically pick your object or plate from the ceramics they have out, then paint it yourself.  They throw it in the kiln and you pick it up when it's done.  Or in this case, you pay a $25 custom work fee, but I'll cherish these little feetsies for ever, so $25 is TOTALLY worth it.  I also have 2 plates with each of the boys hands and Carter's little 3 month old feet without custom work. 

I got something super fun in the mail today.  I'm going to Vegas in February.  :)  A very pretty girl I know is getting MARRIED.  I've never been.  I'll be 30 the next month.  Since I figure that will go otherwise unnoticed {certainly won't be the huge awesome deal I'd always hoped} I'll take matters into my own hands and celebrate on my own.  After Sarah's wedding. 


1 comment:

Leigh Gable said...

Cute plate, I love it! I also LOVE your new background...way to go. :) Also, congrats on your Vegas trips...vacays are always awesome to have to look forward to!

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