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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Art & Soul!

Wish I could post pictures of my Friday night crafting session!  Jenn, Erin and I got together to let our creative crazy fly in prep for a baby shower we're hosting.  While unlikely, the guest of honor could randomly decide to read the blog and our fun would be ruined.

But trust me, we did good work!  We are all awesome.  I'll post pictures of the shower and then you'll agree.  

It was a super fun night of giggling and crafting.  When we finally put everything away, I was SHOCKED that it was midnight. 

Saturday afternoon, we went to Art & Soul in Plano.  I meant to take pictures, but I got caught up in the boys creations and what I was trying to make.  I should have a plate with 2 little boys' foot prints made into frogs in about a week.  It's gonna be SO cute.  It's gotten more expensive since the last time we went, but that's ok.  What you end up with is PRICELESS.  Again, pictures to come.
Today I get to test receipes and do laundry.  And clean.  At some point, I'd like to watch at least one episode of my LOST {Season 6}.  ::Shrugs::  We'll see.  Happy last day of the weekend!


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