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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I was just wondering if you wanted to chase this tornado, or if you just wanted to catch the next one.

I was sitting in a Focus Group ($25 CASH for 15 minutes!) while this was going on.  Woah.  Then the radio convinced me it was chasing me home.  I was Dorothy a few years ago for Halloween so I thought this particular tornado might have felt I was mocking it and was hunting me down.  Luckily I'm way stealthier than swirly trash and fast air and I made it home safely.

Not to make light of tornado or anything.  I am 97% sure I'd piss myself in the face of a wind column.  I've seen Twister.  I don't want to get hit with a fly-by cow.  ::shUDDER::  {See what I did there?!  Heheehehe}


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sooo glad that all is well in Texas after the tornado "stuff" ....I was worrying about my Barbers and all of you, but Julie called to give me the all clear...scary stuff....Glad you're okay. margie

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