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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

10 things I hate about ME

10 Things I'm embarassed to like, or worse, love:

1) The movie Enchanted.  Good GAWD it's silly.  Never the less, I LOVE it.
2) The crusty end part of the Corn Dog.  I gnaw at it like a dog with a chew toy!!
3) Mayo and mustard.  Mixed together.  To dip my french fries in. 
4) Bridezillas.  The TV show.  I ♥ the crazy.
5) Lying naked on my bed after a bath or shower with the ceiling fan on.  So refreashing.  BEST.FEELING.EVER.
6) Ice cubes in my wine.  White trash... absolutely.  But wine you can chew?  Hurray!
7) Hair pieces.  Wigs.  Extensions.  Whatever.  I love them.  I had extensions twice in college and have worn different hair pieces randomly since then.  Sadly, the color of my hair changes pretty frequently so I have to keep rebuying the "right" color when I want them.
8) The Enrique Song with Pitbull.  I don't wanna... but it comes on and I have to fight a dancy twitch.
9) Stalking people online.  If I ever knew them, I've probably stalked them via Facebook.  Friends, ex friends, ex boyfriends, past crushes, etc.  I don't care what they're doing now... but I have to KNOW to not care, lol!!!
10) Karaoke.  I don't sing {anymore... I know.  Scarily, my friend Jacquey and I used to sing all the TIME at those things.  Surprisingly, no one shot us.} but listening to other people do well or butcher a journey song tickles something deep inside my brain and makes me GLOW with happiness.



Anonymous said...

Kristin, you are just so funny....I also like my wine with ice cubes.....I don't care if people think it's tacky...I like my wine nice and cold and after all, it is my choice...
you're brave to tell people these things...I'm not telling !!! bye..Margie

Jenny said...

Pitbull wins.

KRiSTiN said...

I should make the ice cubes out of wine! That would make it less tacky... somehow. Although, since I drink $10 wine, it doesn't really matter in the end.

Jenny... my life's a movie and you're just tivo. ::Chuckle::

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