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Monday, September 06, 2010

When is the next Holiday?

I love long weekends. I know. You're thinking, "Thanks Captain Obvious! What a new and different opinion! I, myself, hate extra time with my family and friends."

Well, shut it! It's just a blog opener! ::Snicker::

I didn't really do anything this weekend. Nothing productive. Lots of random.

Saturday morning, we braved Ikea. Madness. I hate weekends there. But I have some kitchen renovation ideas now. And I did go see half a movie with Gibs that night. However, due to the ridiculous nature of the groups of... ::ahem:: people {you have NO IDEA the restraint I just showed there} who were shouting at the screen and laughing uproariously at themselves and their "jokes" {it was a horror film... not something laughter appropriate}, we left. More specifically, we got sick of it ruining the movie and drowning out the dilogue.  I went out and complained to the manager using words I shouldn't type here, then Sarah joined me and we marched over to guest services and got our money back. So we got our $10.50 and 45 minutes to kill. Sadly, that 45 minutes also killed dang near $200 of Gibs' hard earned money at a store where some lady DESPERATELY wanted to feel us up. She asked 3 times. Ok, it was Victoria Secret and she wanted to do a bra fitting, but still... the point is, Sarah ended up in the red for that "movie date".

Sunday, I went to Rockwall to check out the spot where my mom will be opening a winery on the Harbor! That's right! Early next year "Once Upon a Vine" will be open for business. She has a great spot over by Lake Ray Hubbard. Near the Hilton, Glorias, and the Concert by the Lake series spot {you Rockwallians know what I mean}. I've volunteered my services... in lots of ways, so you all better get your wine-lovin' hiney's out there when it comes time!!

Anyway, after that, mom and I got pedicures and the guys watched the Tech game.

Today... nothing. Scott, Carter and I went for a walk this morning and I've tried desperately to catch up on laundry, sort the clothes of mine, Carter, and Trenton's that I can get rid of, and deep clean the bathrooms... but the laundry isn't totally done and I think I just made a bigger mess out of the outgrown clothes situation, lol. ::Shrugs::

Ok. Party on, Party People.



Anonymous said...

So, what was the movie you went to see??? At least it was a night out and that's always a plus to a mom....time to do what you want to do for a change..wuhoooo
Have a good week, Kristen and keep up the good work on the blog...Margie

KRiSTiN said...

The Last Excorsism. I did learn a new SAW was coming out, so all wasn't lost. :)

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