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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guess who... or what...

This is Scott's halloween costume. A hearty helping of respect for the first person to guess what he is.

I wanted him to be sushi.  He didn't want to do that.  ::Shrugs::  So I bounced ideas off of him until this afternoon, he liked this one.  He didn't even wear it trick-or-treating.  It was still wet because he TOOK TOO LONG TELLING ME WHAT HE WANTED TO BE!  THAT is why I need an answer in a timely fashion.  Lesson learned, Scott?  Probably not.  ::Sigh::

Anyway, we went to the Binnings' for some Trick-or-Treating fun.  Begging strangers for sugar-filled food is always more fun in a group.  We ate pizza then suited up for our adventure.  The kids were serious troopers.  Other than Scott taking one of the little girls down and making her lose her shoe and cry, Dave rushing a moving vehicle {because they were driving RIDICULOUSLY in a neighborhood with children walking around}, and Carter deciding at one point that he was done with the walking bit of the festivities {thank goodness one of the people in the group ran home to get her wagon for the 2 smallest and slowest kids... mine and her youngest, lol}, it was really fun.  Seriously, the kids were great.  They got tired toward the end, but for teeny kiddos, they all did great.  Walking around in the dark when it's hot and there's scary things everywhere is a crazy situation!  Kudos to the little ones who don't FLIP OUT. 

I bought a $5 devil kit while buying Scott's costume materials at Walmart today.  I threw that on with a black dress and POOF... I was the only adult in a "costume".  But that did win me a free beer at a house where MEN get a beer if they say "trick-or-treat".  Lol.

Trenton was with his dad, but he came home with a haul of goodies, too.  And our little Brobee... he has more candy than he'll ever know what to do with {or that he'll ever see, for that matter... tee-hee}.



Leigh Gable said...

Ceiling Fan! :)

Bartlett said...

great Picks!

KRiSTiN said...

Lol! That's right, Leigh! We thought it was funny.... and easy. :)

Carol said...

It was easy...funny...a bit lame...but great for the occasion. Great pics! Wish I could have seen my niblets in person! By the way, there are some Twix here that are looking mighty suspicious!!

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