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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nigh -Nigh

It can’t just be me whose literal first thought every morning is, “Man, I can’t wait until I can get back in bed when this day is over.” Before I even open my eyes, that is my thought process. I ♥ sleep. Times 100 on days like today.

Carter will be TWO YEARS OLD in less than a week. Craziness. It seems like just yesterday I walked into Baylor Frisco in my VS pink pj pants and popped out a wrinkly little version of Scott.

Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? I never understood the value of that cliché until my kids were born. Then all the sudden my life was being lived in perpetual fast forward. I guess no one can explain it to you beforehand. Or maybe I just couldn’t comprehend things on an adult level because I was 21 when I got pregnant with Trenton. Which seems like forever ago and yet, like 10 minutes ago at the same time.

Carter’s such a little man. I love hearing him talk. His FAVORITE things to say right now are:

Beaf-fasa {Breakfast}


NOOO {sometimes with a Mommy or Daddy at the end}

Tin-tin {Trenton}

Gabba Gabba




Lush {Lunch}

Nigh Nigh {Night Night}

Bobee {Brobee, Yo Gabba Gabba character}

Pex {Plex, Yo Gabba Gabba character }

Tootie {Yo Gabba Gabba character}

Foofa {Yo Gabba Gabba character}

Muno {Yo Gabba Gabba character}

Pun’kin {Pumpkin}

Tee {Tree}




Ben {The Hamster}



Okay {usually accompanied by an energetic nod of the head}

Uuuuuuummmmm…not know {we say this hundreds of times in the car in the morning and he laughs HYSERICALLY when we “uuuuum” at the same time}


Ow-sigh {Outside}

Popaw {anytime anyone is at the front door, he assumes it Popaw}


Chews {Shoes}

Di-per {Diaper}


And of course… MINE!

Last night he was semi watching Yo Gabba Gabba and they were singing the “Be Nice to Everyone” song. He looked at me and said, clear as day, “Be nice to everyone!”. SO CUTE. We laughed. He makes me giggle.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cherish every moment, Kristin....I wish I could have those days back because they were so precious....take care..margie

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